Formation of inclusive force in Duz Khurmatu faces setback

October 7, 2018 at 8:28 pm

Salahaddin- Iraqi forces carrying out a military operation in the environs of Duz Khurmatu 07-02-2018

Zhino Khalil- Salahaddin

The formation of a joint force that will include the different components of  Duz Khurmatu, a multi-ethnic town in Salahaddin province disputed by Baghdad and Erbil administrations has been delayed.

The new force, which was proposed by the Iraqi Rapid Response Force a few months ago, awaits the approval of the new Iraqi cabinet.

Ali Husseini, deputy head of Duz Khurmatu district council told Kirkuknow that the names of the volunteers have been sent to Baghdad, noting that they have to “await the formation of the new cabinet and see whether the current interior minister retains his post”.

The 450-strong inclusive force will be linked to the Rapid Response Force which has been handling the security dossier in the town since the beginning of 2018.

Duz Kurmatu is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious territory disputed by Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region, located in the province of Salahaddin and is inhabited by Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen.


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