Gunmen steal 100 million dinars sent as part of Duz Khurmatu Kurdish school teachers’ monthly fees

October 9, 2018 at 10:14 pm

Salahaddin- Iraqi security forces deployed in Duz Khurmatu, 07-09-2018

Salahaddin- KirkukNow

Unknown gunmen have stolen a total of 100 million Iraqi dinars before it was transferred to Duz Kurmatu. The money had been sent by the Kurdistan Regional government (KRG) to be distributed to teachers of a number of Kurdish schools in the multi-ethnic town.

According to police and education officials, the incident took place on Tuesday October 9, in an Kurdish populated area on the way between Nawjul sub-district and Duz Khurmatu.

Tariq Ahmed, director of Kurdish Education in Duz Khuramtu told KirkukNow that the gunmen attacked a number of Kurdish teachers who were tasked with transferring the teachers’ monthly fees from Kalar to Duz Khurmatu and stole the money.”

He urged security forces to investigate the incident and arrest the perpetrators.

The salaries of Kurdish school teachers in the territories disputed by Baghdad and Erbil are being provided by the KRG.

Kurdish education was banned in those territories until the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Duz Khurmatu is a disputed territory inhabited by Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen, located in Salahaddin province.


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