Only 15% of IDPs in Duhok have returned to their homes

October 10, 2018 at 11:51 am

Duhok- Children playing in a camp set up for Ninawa IDPs, 2016 Photo: Duhok Humanitarian Affairs Board

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa

According to recent data issued by Duhok administration only 15% of IDPs who had sought refuge in camps set up in the Kurdish province have returned to their hometowns.

Hundreds of thousands of IDPs, including Ezidis, Arabs, Turkmen and Shabak fled their homes in the wake of the 2014 ISIS terrorist groups advance into Ninawa province.

Although a year has passed since their areas were recaptured from ISIS, the majority of the displaced families are reluctant to return, citing security instability and lack of basic services.

Salim Sa’eed, media director of Duhok governorate’s board for humanitarian affairs told KirkukNow that over 600 thousand people of the different religious and ethnic components arrived in Duhok and were resettled in 21 IDPs camps.

“The security situation and the level of essential services in Shingal and Mosul are not satisfactory, and this has hindered the return of most of the families who fear another displacement”, said Sa’eed.

He added that services in IDPs camps have deteriorated after most of the humanitarian agencies moved their operations to Mosul, putting heavier burden on the shoulders of the Duhok administration.

Duhok- working on a project for IDPs, 2016   Photo: Duhok Humanitarian Affairs Board


According to latest statistics by the Kurdistan Regional government an estimated 1 million 100 thousand IDPs are still living in different parts of the Kurdistan Region.

Since mid-2014, following ISIS terrorist group’s attacks, nearly 6 million people across Iraq were forced to flee their homes. Latest reports indicate that 4 million have returned to their homes so far.


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