In order to assume post of Kirkuk governor PUK yet to persuade Turkmen Front

October 10, 2018 at 3:17 pm

Baghdad- PUK delegation's meeting with Turkmen Front top officials, 09-10-2018 Photo: Arshad Salhi's media office

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Within its efforts to reassume the post of Kirkuk governor, a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) delegation has met with officials from the Turkmen Front in Baghdad, however, the Turkmen Front has not been persuaded yet.

The PUK delegation led by Raf’at Abdulla, head of the PUK organizational center, convened with Arshad Salhi, head of the Turkmen Front and other senior members on Tuesday October 9.

 A source close to the meeting told KirkukNow that the PUK requested the cooperation of the Front to restart the Kirkuk provincial council’s meetings and pave the way for the election of a new governor to replace current acting governor of Kirkuk Rakan al-Jiburi as well as a new head for the council.

“The Turkmen Front rejected the PUK request, preferring the situation to remain unchanged, however, they agreed to hold further talks to reach mutual understanding”, the source said.

Following the meeting, the Turkmen Front, in a statement, emphasized that the meeting was to seek consensus among the different components to ease the situation in the province.

The Turkmen Front rejected the PUK request, preferring the situation to remain unchanged

Khalid Shwani, a member of the PUK delegation said, “Our meeting with the Turkmen Front was fruitful”, noting that further meetings with the Arabs and other parties will be held to reach final decisions regarding the administrative posts.

Earlier, the PUK, which won the majority of the seats in Kirkuk in the May 12, 2018 Iraqi general elections, said they were close to forging an agreement with the Arab and Turkmen components to appoint a new Kurdish governor for the multi-ethnic province soon.

 Following October 16, 2017’s return of Iraqi forces to Kirkuk and other territories disputed by Baghdad and Erbil, Rakan al-Jiburi, an Arab, was appointed acting governor of Kirkuk, replacing Najmaddin Karim.

KDP members of the Kirkuk provincial council have since boycotted the council’s meetings, citing security instability as an excuse.

The potential agreement between the PUK and the Arab and Turkmen components will ensure the quorum needed for council sessions to start and elect a new governor.


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