A female candidate of Ninawa’s Christian component elected as sub-district commissioner

October 11, 2018 at 10:35 am

Ninawa- Lara Yousif, a Christian, elected as Alqush sub-district commissioner

Ammar Aziz- Ninawa

A female candidate from Ninawa province’s Christian community has been elected unanimously by the Alqush sub-district council as new commissioner.

Upon taking up office on Monday, October 8, Lara Yousif pledged to spare no effort to serve the residents of Alqush.

Alqush sub-district, 40 km north of Mosul, is inhabited by Christians, Ezidis and Sunni Arabs.

Ninawa- Center of Alqush sub-district, Tlkef, north of Mosul,  2017  Photo: KirkukNow


 Suleiman Haji Rasho, head of Alqush council told KirkukNow that the Ninawa governorate opened candidacy for the post on September 13, 2018, laying down 7 conditions, and Lara Yousif was the only candidate for the post.

She replaced Fa’iz Abd, who was dismissed for unauthorized absence for more than 50 days, which created administrative problems in the sub-district.  

Lara Yousif attending church services


Lara Yousif acknowledged that Alqush suffers lack of essential services, including drinking water shortages, lack of schools and health centers and poor road conditions.

“My objective is serving the residents of the area; therefore I will do my best to deliver their complaints and suffering to the Ninawa administration“, she said.

I will do my best to deliver the residents’ complaints and suffering to the Ninawa administration

Christians like other religious components in Iraq had faced ISIS terrorist group’s brutality.

According to UN statistics, the Christian population in Iraq has dropped from one and a half million to as low as 250,000.


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