19 ISIS militants killed in Iraqi and Coalition forces joint operation in Makhmur

November 3, 2018 at 2:20 pm

Kirkuk- security forces conduct search operation in Hawija, June 2018 Photo: Iraqi Federal Police media


Iraqi Federal Police forces backed by US-led Coalition fighter planes have conducted a large-scale operation in the surrounding areas of Makhmur town aimed to track down remnants of ISIS terrorist group.

Ra’id Shakir Jawdat, commander of the Iraqi federal police in a statement announced that “19 ISIS militants have been killed in the joint operation in Qara Putak area near Makhmur”. He added that the a weapons cache was also seized during the operation.

 A year after the Iraqi government announced defeat of ISIS in Iraq, the terrorist group has continued a lower-scale insurgency, particularly in Ninawa province, inflicting casualties among civilians and security forces as well.

Makhmur is considered a disputed territory in between Erbil and Ninawa Governorates. Its future is due to be determined according to article 140 of the Iraqi constitution.

The district was run by the Kurdistan Regional government from 2003 until the Iraqi army forces returned to the disputed territories in October 2017.


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