The lasting legacy of war
Unexploded ordnance still pose grave threat to residents in Tala’far

December 29, 2018 at 3:36 pm

Ninawa- A scene depicts massive destruction in Tala’far, 2017 Photo: Ja’far Tala’fari

Ja’far Tala’fari- Ninawa

Ali and Hussein were two close friends in their 20s. They used to sell scrap metals they collected from public trash sites to cover the basic need of their families.

A few days ago, death was lurking around the corner when a bomb exploded at their feet in a site near an abandoned car dealership in Talafa’r west of Mosul.

The incident which took place on November 1st, 2018 is not the first if its kind.

Ninawa- Ali and Hussein, two victims of war-era legacy in Tala’far


According to activists and media workers, a total of 62 people, including women and children, have been killed due to incidents related to the explosion of unexploded ordnance left behind by ISIS since the town was retaken from the terror group on August 30, 2017.

Tala’far is Ninawa’s largest district predominantly inhabited by Turkmen and Arabs.

Nur al-Din Qablan, deputy head of Ninawa provincial council speaking to (KirkukNow) called on the ministry of health and environment for “a speedy action to remove the war-era remains which pose grave threats to civilians, particularly children, in Tala’far district, Ayadhiya subdistrict and other areas.”

Meanwhile, Abdul Aal Abbas, Tala’far’s district commissioner reaffirmed that they have urged the relevant departments to clear the area from unexploded ordnance which he said was “necessary to encourage displaced families to return.”

Abbas also called on international mine clearance agencies to contribute to the process, pledging to facilitate their ability to achieve the mission.

Ninawa- A secret tunnel used by ISIS militants, 2017 Photo: Ja’far Tala’fari


Tala’far, a multi-ethnic district northwest of Mosul (Ninawa’s capital city) was held by ISIS militant group for 3 years.

The group killed dozens of civilians and kidnapped an estimated 1,300 people, including women and children, whose fate is still unknown.


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