UNAMI: November Casualty figures for Iraq the lowest since 2012

December 3, 2018 at 7:48 am

Kirkuk- Explosion of a magnetic bomb attached to a vehicle in central Kirkuk, 11-10-2018, Photo: Atella Agha


The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) in its monthly report on casualty figures in Iraq announced that 41 civilians were killed and another 73 injured in acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in Iraq in November 2018, the lowest in 6 years.

According to the UN report, Baghdad was the most affected province, with 55 civilian casualties (23 killed, 32 injured), followed by Ninewa (8 killed and 19 injured) and Anbar (4 killed and 15 injured).

The report indicated that “UNAMI has been hindered in effectively verifying casualties in certain areas; in some cases, UNAMI could only partially verify certain incidents”; therefore the figures reported have to be considered as the absolute minimum.

Nineveh- Scenes of massive destruction in Mosul’s west bank, September, 2018, Photo: Karwan Salhi

The UN Special Representative for Iraq Ján Kubiš, said, “the continuing loss of life is regrettable but the latest figures are the lowest since UNAMI began publishing them in November 2012.”

He added that these figures reflect “the continuing downward trend in the level of violence as the country recovers from its fight with terrorism and presses ahead towards a stable, prosperous future.”

The figures include ordinary citizens and others considered civilian at the time of death or injury, such as police in non-combat functions, civil defence, personal security teams, facilities protection police and fire department personnel.


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