IDPs assisted to cope with coming winter cold

December 3, 2018 at 6:57 pm

Ninewa- Assisting a Tala'far displaced family after arriving an IDP camp, August 2017, Photo: IOM

Ammar Azizi- Ninewa

 Humanitarian organizations are assisting displaced families living outside IDP camps to cope with the onset of winter.

A total of 19,634 families in Duhok were given an amount of 240,000 Iraqi dinars each by the Iraq missions of UNHCR (13,500 families), ICRC (634 families), Caritas (3,500 families) and CRC (1,500 families).

Salim Saeed, head of the humanitarian affairs board in Duhok governorate told (KirkukNow), “Only 19 thousand benefited from the cash assistance, out of nearly 70,000 displaced families in the province; therefore it is necessary that the Iraqi government act urgently by distributing kerosene for vulnerable families.”

Earlier, a (KirkukNow) report highlighted the plight of IDPs who said they were suffering from cold weather conditions due to lack of proper heat or electricity.

In mid-2014, over one million families fled Ninewa and other Iraqi cities and sought refuge in the Kurdistan Region, particularly in Duhok, after Islamic State (IS) militants controlled large swathes of Iraqi territories.

Security instability and the lack of essential needs have hindered the return of a large number of families, mostly Ezidis, to their areas of origin.


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