Christians demand a wider participation in Ninewa local administration

December 23, 2018 at 3:59 pm

Ninewa- Muslims and Christians launch a joint campaign to clean up churches, December 2017 Photo: Omer Majid

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa

The Christian minority in Ninewa demand to have a bigger role in the province’s local administrations, indicating that currently they run the posts of two district-commissioners, a sub-district commissioner along with two general directorates.

Duraid Hikmat, a Christian, assumed the post of Mosul’s general director of agriculture according to a Ninewa provincial council decree on December 16.

The new general director speaking to (KirkukNow) said, “This is the second time I assume this post. I hope to be able to better serve farmers and further develop the agriculture sector.”

Duraid Hikmat had worked voluntarily as an advisor in the Ninewa administration.

He is the second Christian candidate to hold an administrative position in the province during the past few months, after (Lara Yousif) was unanimously elected as Alqush sub-district commissioner by sub-district’s council members.

Duraid Hikmet- Mosul’s new general director of agriculture Photo: KirkukNow

Dawud Baba Yaqub, member of the Ninewa provincial council-also a Christian- said, “We request more administrative positions to be given to the Christians, since we are one of the main components of Ninewa.”

Christian population in Iraq has dropped from one and a half million to as low as 250,000

The Christians like all the other religious minorities  had been persecuted by the Islamic State (IS) terror group in the wake of their advance into Ninewa in 2014.

According to UN statistics, the Christian population in Iraq has dropped from one and a half million to as low as 250,000.

Ninewa’s new general director of agriculture emphasized that he will serve all the components of the province without any discrimination, noting that he has set goals to improve the sector as soon as the federal government allocates the needed budget to carry out his plans.

He also outlined the challenges represented by the decrease of the rivers’ water levels and the inefficiency of seed distribution process, however he said, “We are optimistic that the heavy rainfall the area is witnessing would have a good impact on the increase of crop production.”


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