Duz Khurmatu officials: UNAMI is pressing the government to compensate those affected in conflicts

February 8, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Salahaddin- A UNAMI delegation visited Duz Khurmatu district, February 5, 2019 Photo: KirkukNow

Zhino Khalil- Salahaddin

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) has pledged to press the Iraqi government to give compensations to those affected in Duz Khurmatu, Salahaddin by the conflict between Iraqi security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, following the October 16, 2017 events when Iraqi forces retook control of territories disputed by the federal government and the Kurdistan regional government (KRG).

A UNAMI delegation arrived in Duz Khurmatu on February 5 to discuss with local officials the situation there in terms of security, provision of public services and relations between the diverse components of the district.

Hassan Zain al-Abidin, Duz Khurmatu district commissioner told (KirkukNow), “The aim of the delegation’s visit was to assess the damages inflicted to residents’ properties.

Zain al-Abidin reaffirmed that UNAMI has pledged to put pressure on the Iraqi federal government to compensate those affected and also to review the security challenges there.

Earlier a (KirkukNow) report indicated that over 200 houses and 100 shops were burnt down or looted in the Duz Khurmatu’s Komari neighborhood; moreover, 50 houses which belonged to Kurdish Peshmarga officials and volunteer fighters were blown up.

The fighting forced thousands of families to flee the area.

Salahaddin- Duz Khurmatu officials meet UNAMI delegation, February 5, 2019 Photo: KirkukNow

On October 16, 2917 Iraqi security forces returned to the disputed territories and forced the withdrawal of Kurdish Peshmarga forces, after Baghdad-Erbil relations deteriorated as a result of the Kurds’ insistence to hold a referendum on independence.

Sardar Ahmed, member of Duz Khurmatu district council said, “The council has met three times with UNAMI officials who promised to urge the federal government to compensate those affected by the conflict.”

“The delegations visit was also to urge the enhancement of coexistence among the town’s multi-ethnic and religious groups”, he added.

Duz Khurmatu, is the only disputed territory in Salahaddin province which is claimed by both Baghdad and Erbil. The district has a mixed make-up of Turkmen, Kurds and Arabs.


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