WADI supports a project to end use of plastic bags in Halabja

February 8, 2019 at 4:48 pm

Halabja- “Green City Halabja” campaign launched to end plastic bags use


The Association for Crisis Assistance and Development Cooperation (WADI), a non-governmental organization, in partnership with NWE organization, which operates in Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan Region, on February 6, 2019 launched a campaign to end use of plastic bags.

The “Green City Halabja” campaign focuses on encouraging the local community to switch to reusable cotton bags and highlighting the negative environmental effects of plastic bags, which are widely used.

 Campaign organizers plan to distribute hundreds of reusable cotton bags printed with the campaign’s logo to the local community for free.

Halabja, which suffered devastating human and environmental costs when it was bombed with chemical weapons by the former Iraqi regime in 1988, hopes to become the first city in Iraq to be ‘plastic bag free’, and set an example for how small change can have a big impact.

The logo of the “Green City Halabja” campaign is represented by a tree emerges from the shell of a chemical weapon, a hopeful symbol of a better life coming out of a violent past.

Logo of “Green City Halabja” campaign

Halabja officials have pledged full support to the WADI-supported project and showed their intention to become part of the campaign.

Since 2012 NWE organization, a long-term partner of WADI in Halabja, has focused on improving the environment and highlighting the area’s natural beauty and regional products.


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