Shingal: Increasing youth employment rates through training programs

February 14, 2019 at 12:21 pm

Ninewa- Opening of a project designed to develop youths’ capabilities in Shingal, February 2019 Photo: KirkukNow

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa

The youth community in Ninewa’s Shingal (Sinjar) is being helped to build skills and capabilities required in most jobs.

In this regard, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is funding a project for youths in Sinune sub-district designed to help them obtain jobs in the future.

Luqman Hussein, head of Horace Organization for Development and Education (H.O.D.E) told (KirkukNow), “Our organization is supervising the two-month-long project which includes two training courses on how to write CVs and acquire skills on computer programs such as EXCEL and other essential programs.”

He believes the project is significant as “it will create a bridge between the youth community in Shingal and the agencies operating in the area.”

The USAID funded project includes several training courses for the youth community in Shingal’s Sinune sub-district

Luqman Hussein explained that at the start of the project 40 young males and females participate in the training courses, during which their potential capabilities will be enhanced and get the essential skills required when applying for jobs.

Unemployment rates among the youths have increased

Khodeda Choki, Sinune sub-district commissioner said, “Unemployment rates among the youths have increased. Althogh there are a large number of local and foreign companies operating in Shingal, only a small percentage of youths have actually got jobs.”

He stressed the need to continue opening training courses which he described as essential for youth employment. 

Shingal is 120 km west of Mosul predominantly inhabited by Ezidis and is one of the territories disputed between the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan regional government.

The town suffered massive destruction and its inhabitants were subjected to numerous atrocities after the Islamic State group took control of the area in August 2014.


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