Six Kirkukis to play in Iraqi National Tennis team

April 29, 2012 at 7:48 pm

The Iraqi Tennis Union has announced the participation of six players from Kirkuk among 16 tennis players in the national team.

Aso Adil, head of the Iraqi Tennis Union said, “This is the biggest achievement for Kirkuk, where six players are invited for the national team.”  The invitation for the players follows their good levels achieved in the various championships.

The Iraqi National team has invited 16 players from different provinces of Iraq.  The players from Kirkuk are: for age 10, Muhamad Osman and Zanko Dler; for age 12, Hardi Dler, Zaiyd Osman and Shwan Latif; for age 13 Muhamad Salam.

Ali Shahim – Kirkuk Now

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