Tigris operation sets up seven checkpoints around Kirkuk city

November 23, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Members of the Tigris operation during a parade

According to ten classified documents of the twelfth division of the Iraqi army, the Tigris operation is to set up seven checkpoints around the city of Kirkuk, claiming that the smuggling of oil and business movements of Kurdistan to be the reason.

Members of the Tigris operation during a parade

According to the classified documents published by the Sbeiy Website of the Wusha Company, the intelligence directorate of the twelfth division of the Iraqi army is the reason behind setting up the seven checkpoints on the main roads outside of Kirkuk, and most of them will be on the roads between Kirkuk and Kurdistan region.

Regarding the current checkpoints, according to the website, the intelligence department has the current police and security checkpoints of Kirkuk under surveillance, and described the negligence and weakness of the checkpoints.

In the documents, the smuggling of oil to the provinces of the Kurdistan region and business movements of the foreign companies are described which are not licensed by the central government but do not face any obstacles passing from Kirkuk city.

The attempts of the Tigris operation coincide with the fact that the Kirkuk Provincial Council has rejected the operation’s force with a majority of the votes, but the Arabs of the council are not for the rejection of the force.

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