Unit of Peshmarga forces arrives in Kirkuk

November 25, 2012 at 1:13 pm

The arrival of the unit - Photo: Ahmad Shwani

Despite attempts to settle the crisis of the Tigris operation in Kirkuk province between the central government and Kurdistan Regional Government, the relocation of different forces is continuous in the province and a unit of Peshmarga reached the city from Erbil on Saturday, November 24. 

The arrival of the unit - Photo: Ahmad Shwani

Regarding the force, the deputy minister of the Peshmarga of the KRG Anwar Haji stated that the unit is a back-up force and is being relocated to Kirkuk province as a step in carrying out their military plans.

“Peshmarga forces were previously present in the territory, so the relocation of the force is just part of a substitution of the forces,” Anwar Haji commented.

He also addressed the fact that any military movement will be a response for military movements of the Iraqi army as the Iraqi army has currently settled maximum military units near Hamrin, so the first and second back-up units of Peshmarga are settled in the disputed territories and are on full alert for orders from the presidenct of Kurdistan.

According to the leaked information, the Peshmarga force which arrived in Kirkuk will be settled in the Kani Domallan heights.

Ahmad Shwani – Kirkuk Now

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