The Brotherhood List continues threats

December 2, 2012 at 5:10 pm

A meeting of the council

The Brotherhood List of the Kirkuk Provincial Council is threatening that if the Tigris operation is not canceled, they will demand to be put under the sovereignty of Kurdistan, as the Iraqi Prime Minister has ignored their previous demands regarding the formation of the Tigris operation.

A meeting of the council

The Kirkuk Provincial Council had rejected the formation of the Tigris operation back in September which was formed in July under the command of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to control the security dossier of Kirkuk and Diala.

“Al-Maliki has not listened to our demands and we will have further actions as we mentioned before; we may demand to be put under  the sovereignty of the Kurdistan Region,” said Ahmad Askari, a member of the Kirkuk Brotherhood List of which the majority of the members are Kurds.

“The Kurdistan Parliament should prepare a set of laws reflecting our demands so that they can vote whether Kirkuk should be made a part of Kurdistan or not,” Askari added.

Regarding the date and time of their demands, he stated “We are waiting for the Iraqi Council of Representatives to find a solution for the current crisis or else we will submit our demands to the Kurdistan Parliament and Nouri al-Maliki.”

The province has been given the full right by law to be made a free state or to be a part of another state if two-thirds of the provincial council members, followed by a referendum, vote for the decision.

The Brotherhood List had submitted a similar demand to the Kurdistan Parliament back in 2008, but the proposal has been halted ever since.

“If al-Maliki does not cancel the Tigris operation as soon as possible, we will revive that proposal,” Askari said.

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