Talabani and al-Maliki cannot be re-elected

January 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Jalal Talabani and Nouri al-Maliki

The Iraqi president and prime minister cannot not be re-elected for their respective positions, courtesy of the new parliamentary law which does not allow them to be re-elected for a third term.

Jalal Talabani and Nouri al-Maliki

The Iraqi Council of Representatives passed the proposal for limiting the duration of being in office of the president, the prime minister, and the speaker of the ICR with 170 votes, while the members of the State of Law bloc which is headed by Nouri al-Maliki refused the proposal and left the session hall.

According to an article of the new law, no one can make themselves a candidate for more than two consecutive or separated terms.  For that reason, now both Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki can no longer retain their positions.

Latif Sheikh Mustafa, a member of the ICR on behalf of the Change fraction thinks that al-Maliki will make an appeal to the Federal Court and the court will “In favour of al-Maliki abolish the newly-set law.”

Sheikh Mustafa told Aswal al-Iraq “I think the State of Law bloc will file a complaint against the law in the Federal Court, and the court which is close to al-Maliki will abolish the law in favour of al-Maliki.”

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