Six Peshmargas killed

July 22, 2013 at 2:44 pm

Six Pesharmga members have been killed in the past 24 hours in two different attacks in Kirkuk.2

A group of gunmen attacked a checkpoint on Sunday, July 21 southwest of Kirkuk leaving five of Peshmarga members dead who all were members of the Brayati brigade.

A source from the local police said “The gunmen were driving a pickup with no number plate, and they have opened fire on the checkpoint using light machine guns leaving five of the Peshmarga members at the checkpoint dead.”

The Brayati brigade is camping near the Zab sub-district, located 105 kilometers to the southwest of Kirkuk, as the Kurdistan Ministry of Peshmarga has formed the brigade from the Arabs of the area.

Local police have started an investigation but they haven’t found a clue about the gunmen so far.

In a second incident this morning, an unknown person threw a hand-held grenade into a convoy of Peshmarga forces leaving a member killed.

“The convoy has been attacked near  the Kirkuk silo in the industrial zone, as the man who threw the grenade managed to escape the scene,” a source from the local police stated.

Karim Muhammad – Kirkuk Now


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