Cars with Tinted Windows Pose a Threat to Citizens in Kirkuk

February 2, 2017 at 10:20 am

Amir was walking around with his friends in one of the streets in the city of Kirkuk when a car with tinted windows intercepted them. After threatening them with guns, they took all of their money and their mobiles too and the car drive away.

The incident that Amir and his friends experienced has happened many times to the citizens of Kirkuk. That is why these cars with tinted windows have made the people anxious.

Amir Abdullah told KirkukNow that the incident happened on the night of January 23, 2017 at approximately 10:30 at night. “We were intercepted by a car with tinted windows and four gunmen got out and attacked us and told us to give them all of our money and mobiles. In fear of our lives we gave them everything we had.”

Province Street is located in one of the crowded areas of Kirkuk where the shops and markets in the street remain open until the late hours of the night.

After the incident, Amir and his friends immediately went to a police station in the city to file a complaint against those who had robbed them. After he described the incident and the car to the police, the data of the police revealed that in that night the same car also intercepted other people in Kirkuk.

Kirkuk’s Police Brigadier Khatab Umer said in a news conference that the security forces had detained 35 cars with tinted windows in just the first half of January.

According to Kirkuk police statistics, seven specialized networks for thefts and burglaries have been arrested in the first month of 2017 in Kirkuk province.

According toBrigadier Afrasiaw Kamil, the director of the Department of Relations and Media officials from Kirkuk’s police, “A number of special detachments have been formed, and they are carrying out raids and searches in the city at night to catch the criminals.”

He also revealed that police forces have arrested a number of criminal networks in Kirkuk, including specialized networks for theft by cars with tinted windows.

There have been many cases of theft in the past by people who had cars with tinted windows and they wounded a number of citizens in the city of Kirkuk when they tried to steal their property.

Muhammed Saman owns a mobile shop in Dumez Street and he is one of the victims who was left wounded by gangs robbing shops. “Unidentified people entered the shop and said they wanted to buy mobiles, and I offered them mobiles, but one of them said that they will take them by force. At that moment, I knew that they were a gang of robbers and thieves”, Muhammed said.

One of Muhammed’s friends who works with him in the shop attacked one of the gang members, but he was stabbed and left injured, “and then the two other guys stabbed me too.”

Muhammed said, “There is a police station near my shop, so we called and asked for help, but they refused to help us but they refused to move from their location.”

The frequent number of these accidents in Kirkuk has made the citizens and the shop owners in the city anxious. They have demanded that the security forces take the necessary action against the people who rob and steal in public.

The head of the relations and media officials in Kirkuk told KirkukNow about the cases in which the police did not help the citizens and did not arrest of the perpetrators, such as in the case of Muhammed. He said, “The citizens should file complaints against the forces that do not perform their duties and we will be referring defaulters to the competent courts.”

The cases of car thefts and burglaries in the city of Kirkuk have increased in the past few months and only a few of the registered complaints have so far been resolved in the courts.

There are many security forces in the Kirkuk province, including the parties’ forces, and they are ready to support the security forces in the fight against crimes of robbery and attacking the citizens of Kirkuk.

Qadir Hussen, the vice president of the special forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan told KirkukNow that they have detained 100 vehicles with tinted windows in the last year. They held the cars for less than a month until the investigations were finished, and said they would return the cars to their owners if the owners were found not guilty.

The vice president of the special forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan also said that, “We have complete coordination with the police forces of Kirkuk, and we have all the power to arrest people who abuse their citizens.”




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