Commission excludes Kirkuk and Nineveh from provincial elections

February 6, 2017 at 11:07 pm

The Independent Electoral Commission announced the completion of the voters’ registry for the first provincial elections, after excluding Kirkuk and Nineveh provinces from the elections.

Wael al-Waeli, the head of the electoral administration said that, “The early registrations of the voters are completed, after excluding the provinces of Kirkuk and Nineveh from the elections.”

He said, “The number of voters in the provinces which was covered by the held elections is 17,207,617 voters. The number who registered with the  biometric system reached 7,740,280 voters; it is equivalent to 43% of the number of voters with the exception of the provinces of Kurdistan, Kirkuk and Nineveh.

According to the Article 37 of the provincial and district council elections, Kirkuk will participate in the Provincial Council elections after the scrutiny of the voters’ registration and the distribution of managerial positions in the city. But not at this moment, as the demands of the Arab and Turkmen components have been implemented.

Mohammed Othman, the representative of the city of Kirkuk in the Iraqi Council told KirkukNow about the new decision of the commission, “We as representatives of the Kurds in the council of representatives are working for repealing Article 37 of the provincial elections law and we are against this article.”

The provincial council elections are scheduled to be held on September 16th, 2017. Wael al-Waeli also said that, “The Electoral Commission will stop the biometric registration system on February 20th, 2017.”




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