ISIS burn 15 Member of Iraqi Forces with their Families

February 15, 2017 at 11:19 pm

ISIS militants in Hawija burn 15 members of the Iraqi security forces with their families after they had fallen in an ambush of ISIS several days earlier, according to the local tribal forces.

350 civilian of Hawija fell in the hands of ISIS when they tried to flee to Kirkuk on the night of February7th; there were members of the Iraqi security forces among them who were under the control of ISIS over the past two years.

Shekh Naif Marzok, Commander of the tribal forces in Hawija told KirkukNow that, “On February 11th, in the Qraib village in Abasi sub-district, ISIS burned 15 Iraqi security members with their families.”

“The burning of those people comes after they were ambushed by ISIS militants, and the ISIS militants investigated them and then they decided to burn them”, Marzok said.

On the night of February 7th, more than 700 people from Riadh and Rashad tried to flee to Kirkuk in two separate groups, but they were ambushed by ISIS militants and around 350 of them fell in the hands of ISIS.

Shekh Naif Marzok said that, “beside those people who have been burned, there is still no news about the whereabouts of a large number of the captives.”

February 8th, 2017. Maktab Khalid. The survivors arrived Kirkuk after escaping ISIS-controlled areas

Many of the roads that people take to escape ISIS-controlled areas are bobby trapped, and many people lost their lives because of bomb explosions. In summer 2016, ISIS killed 50 people while trying to reach Kirkuk.

Hubaiba Mlakh is one of the citizens who come to Kirkuk. She told KirkukNow that, “We decided to escape from Hawija, but we were ambushed by ISIS militants and a group of us were arrested. My husband and my brother were among the captives.”

Khalaf Hussein al-Jubouri, a member of the Hawija Council told KirkukNow, “over the last few weeks, the ISIS militants destroyed and burned the government departments such as courts and the police stations.

Hawija district and the surounding sub-districts of (Zaab, Rashad, Riaz, and Abbas) have been under the control of ISIS since 2014 and thousands of civilians have attempted escape ISIS areas and reach areas under the control of the Iraqi forces.

Hawija district (55 km south west of Mosul) has been under the control of ISIS since mid-2014, and both the Iraqi government and KRG blame each other for not recapturing Hawija.




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