Thousands of Civilians Live at Risk in the Right Side of Mosul

February 28, 2017 at 12:19 am

The civil organizations announced that there are thousands of civilians live at risk in the right side of Mosul due to lack of food, water, shelter, and medical care.

This announcement was launched after the operation of retaking Mosul started on February 19th, 2017.

Lisa Grandi, humanitarian coordinator in Iraq said, “The situation is sad, and the citizens are now facing a big problems. According to the reports, mothers do their best in order to feed their children and heat their homes. The battle has not started yet, but there is already a humanitarian crisis.”

According to the United Nations, 750.000 to 800.000 residents live in the right quarters of Mosul. So far, little humanitarian aid has reached this area after cutting the main highway to Syria.

Reports indicate that nearly half of all grocery stores are closed in West of Mosul. The fuel in bakeries across the region had been carried out. The price of oil and gas has risen to a very large extent. Many families do not have the ability to purchase them, so cut and burn wood furniture, plastic and garbage for cooking and heating.

Peter Hawkins, a UNICEF Iraqi representative said, “Children and their families facing a severe shortage of drinking water. Three out of every five people are drinking dirty water because the water networks have become unusable in the city.”

Sally Hydouk, the WFP representative in Iraq said that, “Food prices doubled in West of Mosul in contrast to East of Mosul. We are very concerned that many families do not have enough to eat in Western Mosul, and do not have the ability to purchase their needs.”

International aid organizations are working to help in the humanitarian consequences that are caused by military operations. They are working to construct an emergency sites in South of the city, and it would be a life-saving supplies storage which is enough for 250.000 to 400.000 people.

Grandi said, “We do not know what will happen during military operations, so we must be ready for all possible scenarios. Tens of thousands of people might escape from the city, so we want the protection of civilian citizens to become a priority.

Haider Al-Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister said, “For us rescuing the humanity comes before the earth is rescued.”



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