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Mosul's oldest coffee shop has a special taste

  • 2020-02-10
Mosul's oldest coffee shop has a special taste
Nineveh, Hisham Zaki, oldest coffee shop owner. Photo: Unit 61 Forces's Media
KirkukNow- Nineveh

I have inherited this job from my father who inherited from his ancestor. We are the oldest coffee shop owner in Mosul. Our coffee shop dates back to 95 years.

My name is Hisham Zaki. I am 51 years old. Throughout this career, we have gained experience from our ancestor because everyone cannot serve a coffe whose taste satisfies everyone.

We serve many types of coffee such as Brazilians, Cuban, Habesha and Ghine. There are particular and secret ingredients in them that give it a special taste.

My grandfather opened the first coffee shop in the center of the city of Mosul in 1925. He taught my dad the job and my dad later handed over his skills to me. I have run this job for 44 years and I want to pass down the secrets of the coffee shop to my children.

My customers are not only from the city of Mosul. People from districts and subdistricts of Nineveh province come to my coffee shop. Many people from other provinces have tasted my coffe too.

My aim is to keep my career alive by the next generations of my family.


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