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Azad preserves culture, heritage and history of Shingal

  • 2021-04-12
Azad preserves culture, heritage and history of Shingal
Nineveh march 2021: Azad Hussein turned a room in his house to a small museum for collecting antiques. Photo exclusively for KirkukNow.
Ammar Aziz, Nineveh

My name is Azad Hussein Khalil, 25, from Uzer village of Giruzer sub-district of Shingal district in Nineveh province.

My hobby is collecting antiques and cultural pieces thus turned a room in my house into a small museum.

Following several years of displacement, I have returned to my hometown in 2018 and commenced my project for gathering old pieces resembling our culture.

Luckiliy, I have managed to collect 250 pieces of Shingal heritage within two years. I am still seeking here and there. I ask everyone to give me a hand in order to keep the culture and history of our town alive.

The pieces I have managed to save range from household, to cultural tools and some other unique pieces.

In terms of profession, as I could not get my high school degree, I quit attending school and now I am in charge of art department in Shingal autonomous administration. I do write poems as well.

The key challenge to my interest is lack of proper space and I need a larger space so I am seeking support either from the government or the organizations to highlight the vibrant heritage of Shingal.


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