Provincial elections in Iraq could be delayed until April next year

Karwan Salhi- Kirkuk As the Iraqi parliament is deliberating amendments in the provincial councils’ elections law to pave the way for holding provincial elections in November 2019 as proposed by the country’s top electoral body, there have been attempts by Iraqi government to delay the…

Enduring life under worn-out tents
550 displaced families in Kirkuk’s Yahyawa camp unable to return home

Ahmed Qasim- Kirkuk A total of 550 displaced families sheltered in Yahyawa IDP camp in eastern Kirkuk are still unable to return to their homes in Ninewa province despite that their areas have been retaken from Islamic State (IS) militants since August 2017. The families…

Dozens of mass graves in Shingal await start of exhumation

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa Despite the lengthy process of follow-up and preparations, dozens of Islamic State (IS)-era mass graves found in Ninawa’s Ezidi district of Shingal (Sinjar) have not been unearthed yet. The delay of the exhumation process is at a time relatives of Ezidi victims…

Disappointed by lack of essential services in their hometowns, Ezidis choose life in displacement

Ammar Aziz- Duhok After four years of displacement, Khidir Murad’s family left Sheikhan district and returned to their home in Sinune, Shingal (Sinjar), seeking a better life than the one they had to endure in IDP camps, however that never happened. In mid-2018 Khidir, his…


House divided
Kurds head to Baghdad apart

Iraq, September 2017, A child riding his bike with the flag of Kurdistan region. Photo: Reuters

Maaz Farhan – KirkukNow Seven political parties, three alliances, enter discussions to form the Iraqi government, without a unified agenda on their demands, including the…


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