Provincial elections in Iraq could be delayed until April next year

Karwan Salhi- Kirkuk As the Iraqi parliament is deliberating amendments in the provincial councils’ elections law to pave the way for holding provincial elections in November 2019 as proposed by the country’s top electoral body, there have been attempts by Iraqi government to delay the process until April 2020. Almas Fazil, an Iraqi MP and […]

Enduring life under worn-out tents
550 displaced families in Kirkuk’s Yahyawa camp unable to return home

Ahmed Qasim- Kirkuk A total of 550 displaced families sheltered in Yahyawa IDP camp in eastern Kirkuk are still unable to return to their homes in Ninewa province despite that their areas have been retaken from Islamic State (IS) militants since August 2017. The families fled Tala’far, Ninewa’s largest district, as IS swept into the […]

Dozens of mass graves in Shingal await start of exhumation

Ammar Aziz- Ninewa Despite the lengthy process of follow-up and preparations, dozens of Islamic State (IS)-era mass graves found in Ninawa’s Ezidi district of Shingal (Sinjar) have not been unearthed yet. The delay of the exhumation process is at a time relatives of Ezidi victims are losing patience, demanding the speeding up of the procedures […]

Disappointed by lack of essential services in their hometowns, Ezidis choose life in displacement

Ammar Aziz- Duhok After four years of displacement, Khidir Murad’s family left Sheikhan district and returned to their home in Sinune, Shingal (Sinjar), seeking a better life than the one they had to endure in IDP camps, however that never happened. In mid-2018 Khidir, his wife and his five children, carrying small packs but much […]

First Christian to return to Mosul’s Old City calls for rebuilding churches to urge return of displaced Christians

Ali Ayad- Ninewa In one of the narrow alleys of Mosul’s Old City, amid the rubble of destroyed buildings, passers-by can spot a wooden door with two Cross symbols drawn on both sides of the door, and soon realize that it is the house of one of those Christians who were compelled to leave the […]

Success Story
Deniz at 42 achieved her long-awaited dream of becoming a chef

Narin Rostam- KirkukNow When she was 9, Deniz Afras experienced failure when she burned her first cake, but that didn’t stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a well-known chef. Her passion for cooking and baking encouraged her to start a restaurant in Erbil, which now has a good reputation. Deniz is married and […]

Over 1,200 IDPs return to Diyala’s Sa’diya

Hawre Azad- Diyala More than 3 years after fleeing their hometown, over 1,200 internally displaced people who were housed in Khanaqin IDP camps returned to Sa’dia sub-district northeast of Diyala province. The return process was overseen by local security departments. Ali Ghazi, head of the migration and displacement office in Khanaqin told (KirkukNow), “Last week, […]

Conditions for hundreds of journalists dire in Iraq
If journalists are the voice of the voiceless, who would give them a voice?

Ma’az Farhan “Month after month their salaries were reduced under an imposed salary-saving system, until they finally told them they should work voluntarily”, said the former cameraman of Huna Baghdad satellite channel which owes him 7 million Iraqi dinars (approximately US$ 6000). After he gave up on the journalists syndicate efforts, he decided to take […]

The Islamic State becomes more alienated in Diyala as wives cut ties to IS militants

KirkukNow- Diyala Dozens of families in Iraq’s Diyala province –once an Islamic State (IS) stronghold- have cut their ties to their relatives who are members of the terror group, resulting in further alienation of the Islamic State in the area since their ouster more than a year ago. According to Diyala officials, only in 2018, thirty […]

IOM study: Over half a million displaced persons still live in IDP camps

KirkukNow A recent study issued by the International Organization for Migration says more than 1.8 million Iraqi displaced persons have not returned to their homes yet and plan to stay where they are over the next 12 months. The report indicated that “as a result of the conflict with ISIS, over 500,000 are in camps […]

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