Ninewa electricity decreases
“It’s given to the protesting provinces.”

Mosul, November 2017, Mosul city. Photo: Omer Majid-KirkukNow

Ahmed Zaidi – Ninewa The ministry of electricity has given a portion of Mosul city’s public power to the protesting provinces, according to the deputy head of Ninewa Governorate Council. A primary demand of the protesting provinces in the south and the middle of Iraq is electricity, as the government fails to fulfil people’s requirement […]

What is happening in Iraq?
Protests grow without new parliament

Baghdad, 30 June 2018, the last advisory session of the third tenure of the Iraqi parliament. Photo: Parliament media

  KirkukNow As parliament’s tenure has expired, the Iraqi government cannot be monitored, while the country suffers from complications without any new legislation. The parliament’s tenure, per the instructions of the constitution, ended in July 2018, while the new parliament’s mandate is yet to begin due to the delay in approving election results. The manual […]

Calling for temporary quota
Yazidis seek five seats in Kurdish parliament

Lalish, April 2018, the Red Wednesday ceremony of Yazidi component. Photo: Heman Baban

KirkukNow Prominent figures of the Yazidi component seek five seats in the Kurdish parliament for the upcoming election, as a “temporary measure” until the implementation article 140 of the Iraqi constitution which deals with the administration of the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad. For that purpose, the prominent figures of Yazidis have formed a […]

PUK in Kirkuk: Our votes increased, our seats remain the same

Kirkuk, July 2018, The manual recount of votes for the 12 May parliamentary election. Photo: KirkukNow

Karwan Salhi – KirkukNow After 25% of the ballots were manually recounted in Kirkuk province, the embattled Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) claims vote increase and retaining the same number of seats. Most of the Kurdish and non-Kurdish political parties claimed that PUK rigged the election results in the province, hence asking for a manual […]

Top 10 women parliamentary candidates with highest number of votes

Photos of top 10 women candidates with the highest number of votes in Iraqi parliament election of 12 May 2018

KirkukNow Nine of the top 10 women candidates of 12 May 2018 Iraqi parliamentary election were from Kurdish (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) PUK and (Kurdistan Democratic Party) KDP. The Independent Higher Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the results of the election on 19 May, while scores of women made it to the parliament, some of them […]

All parties claim vote increase in manual recount

Kirkuk, July 2018, counting and sorting of votes of 12 May. Photo: Karwan Salhi

Karwan Salhi – Kirkuk Despite lack of any official result from the electoral body, all parties in Kirkuk claim vote increase after the partial manual recount. The judges responsible for the manual recount, instead of the electoral commissioners, declared the end of the process on Friday, 6 July. Representatives of the Arab and Turkmens, discontent […]

PUK patience runs out over Kirkuk: official

Kirkuk, May 2018, the PUK election campaign to the parliamentary election. Photo; Aso Mamand's Facebook Page

The patience of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) over Kirkuk is “about to run out”, said the head of the PUK HQ in Kirkuk Aso Mamand, claiming that they have shown restraint to avoid any escalation. Speaking in a presser on 1 July, Mamand discussed the recent developments in Kirkuk, especially the recent blasts, […]

Attempts to raid ballot warehouses in Kirkuk failed

Kirkuk, 1 July, the aftermath of a car bomb explosion on Baghdad-Kirkuk road, near a ballot box warehouse of Kirkuk. Photo: KirkukNow exclusive

Two consecutive explosions targeted the ballot warehouses of Kirkuk on 1 July, in what an official called it a ‘failed attempt’ to raid the warehouses. Major-General Maan Saadi, the Law-enforcement commander in Kirkuk confirmed the news claiming they repelled a raid by “a car bomb” to enter the ballot warehouses. In a statement, Saadi said, […]

Majority support federal court decision to amend election bill

Kirkuk, 21 June 2018, Federal Court hearing concerning the amendment of election law in parliament. Photo: Federal Court.

  KirkukNow The vast majority of political parties in Iraq and the Kurdistan region welcomed the federal court decision on the election amendment bill, waiting for the manual recount to resolve the case once and for all. The court approved all the sections of the bill amendment on Thursday, except the third section which deems […]

PUK and KDP to lose seats in Ninewa and Kirkuk

Kirkuk, 10 May 2018, The special voting process in the Iraqi parliamentary election. Photo: KirkukNow

  KirkukNow Both Patriotic Union of Kurdistan [PUK] and the Kurdistan Democratic Party [KDP] can be found as major losers in Iraq as the third revision of parliamentary election law was approved, by losing many seats in parliament. Iraqi parliament approved the third amendment of the parliamentary election law on 6 June, which dictates the […]

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