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PKK affiliated party announces self-rule for Sinjar 

Soran Mohammad

Ezidkhan Democratic Party (EDP), a party close to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has announced a self-rule democratic council in Sinjar, while the mayor of Sinjar which is close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) rejects the project as illegal and emphasises that once Tal Afar is retaken, the PKK will be forced out of the region.

The objective of establishing the council which was announced on the 20th of this month, is to protect the Yazidis and not to allow Islamic State to repeat the atrocities of  2014 and to allow Yazidis a degree of self-rule in Sinjar and the surrounding areas.

Qahtan Qatrani the head of EDP told Kirkuknow that the Yazidi community has made its decision to establish democratic self-rule and all the political sides should understand that is what the Yazidis want and will not give up on this project.

Kirkunow has obtained a copy of the manifesto in which it says the guerrillas of the People’s Protection Force (HPG) and YBS fighters consisted of the people of Sinjar and organised by the PKK managed to protect the Yazidis and did not allow Isis to attack the mountains and in the autumn of 2015 helped to retake the town. The manifesto also outlines the rights of other minorities by electing their own representatives to the council.

The PKK inspired project has caused concern for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the KDP. Mahma Khalil the mayor of Sinjar said : “the project is unconstitutional and illegal, a military force wants to use force to impose itself, we dont believe in this project, this new force are not from the Kurdistan region and cant make a decision for the people of the region.”

This new project by the new political party close to the PKK is at a time when most of the political parties in the the Kurdistan region have decided to hold a referendum for independence on 25th of September.

Khalil said “The PKK has announced this new project because they don’t want the Yazidis to vote in the referendum but the Yazidis will take part in the referendum with enthusiasm and this new project is a joke.  Qahtan Qatrani on the other hand says that their project will go ahead and the Yazidis have made their decision and wont allow to be sacrificed by any party.

Mahma Khalik warns that after Tal Afar is retaken, according to a decision by the Iraqi government, no foreign force will stay on the Iraqi land.