Forty musicians call for peace

December 17, 2017 at 2:48 pm

Forty Kazi grou pin Sulaymaniyah (photograph: Hardi Abdullah, 16 December 2017)

Hardi Abdullah- Slemani

They are known as the group of “Forty Kazi” and they travel around the Kurdish region calling for peace and participation of women in decision makings and end to violence against women.

The group played in Nali Park in Sulaymaniyah on Saturday, December 16. They played Daf and sang in the park.

Vian Maei, a cinematographer and the head of the group told Kirkuknow the group could be more than 40 people and they try to learn how to sign and play music and to spread peace and take pride in being women.

The group includes Yazidi, Kurdish, Christian and Muslims and have performed in Duhok before they arrived to Sulaymaniyah.

The event at Nali Park was organised by PDO organisation. Rozha Hassan the coordinator of Women Can Do It/Kurdistan told Kirkuknow that inviting the Kazi Group was one of their activities as part of a 16 day campaign to  fight violence against women.

The activities were organised after a group called Women Can Do It/Kurdistan was established which is part of a project by Norwegian NPA organisation and coordinated by PDO.

Rozha Hassan says another of their activity was writing to the UN to express their opposition to the amendment of the Personal Status Law to reduce the age of marriage to nine years for girls. Hassan said they have organised dozens of seminars to raise awareness about women issues.

Sozan Karim one of the musician who travelled from Duhok says she is happy that made the effort to go to Sulaymaniyah to convey their message of peace as part of a Yazidi-Muslim-Christian group.


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