Wadi: Combating FGM is not in the Spotlight

February 7, 2018 at 2:49 pm

"Stop FGM" campaign. Photo: Wadi Organizarion Media


Wadi, the German organization working in Kurdistan and Iraq, announced that Female Gentile Mutilation (FGM) is not receiving required attention, and more efforts are needed to reach a society free of FGM, adding that FGM is “facing a decreased interested and support.”

Wadi published a statement on Tuesday celebrating the international day of combating FGM emphasizing the necessity of combating this practice in Iraq and Kurdistan region.

The statement said: “campaign against FGM in Kurdistan was considered a huge success internationally and paved the way for the recognition that FGM is not only an African problem but widespread in the Middle East and South East Asia. Today we are facing a decreased interested and support. The problem in Iraqi-Kurdistan and Iraq is far from over needs continuous efforts to reach the goal of having a free FGM society.”

For the past fourteen years “Wadi has been working non-stop on its ‘STOP FGM’ campaign in Kurdistan. Six teams actively tackled FGM on all its aspects in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, Garmyan, Ranya and Kirkuk.”

Wadi Organisation

“After years of work, and campaigning, and with the support of many partners and civil society organizations, FGM was legally banned by Law no.8 of Combating Domestic Violence in 2011” according to Wadi statement.

The statement “in 2017 Wadi team in Erbil met a total of 2689 women of which 2241 were mutilated, in Garmayn our team met a total of 1002 women of which 360 had been mutilated. “

Wadi is determined to carry on its work “through its ‘No to Violence’ campaign…. to combat FGM and all forms of violence against women and children, we [Wadi] believe in citizenship, self-ownership and non-violent conflict resolutions.”


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