WADI says awareness of FGM growing

August 15, 2018 at 7:03 pm

WADI staff delivering a seminar about the rights of vulnerable groups

WADI staff delivering a seminar about the rights of vulnerable groups


In a statement released on 14 August, the rights group WADI said the awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM) is growing in the Kurdistan region.

More organizations “acknowledge the urgency of the situation,” according to WADI, including UN agencies.

WADI has been working on the issue since its commencement in 2004, “WADI has been able to establish 12 FGM-free villages and convinced tens of thousands of families to refrain from the mutilation of their daughters.”

However, the issue is not controlled by any means yet, as of 2015, the Heartland Alliance indicated that FGM rate “has decreased considerably” but WADI claims the issue to be “a serious problem still”.


The rights group works to safeguard women not only against FGM, but a range of other issues including domestic violence.

KRG introduced a law against violence against women in 2011, but the implementation is not on a desirable level, the organization said, “WADI will continue to combat FGM and domestic violence through its wider project of non-violent conflict resolution until FGM is actually eliminated.”

WADI is a partner of KirkukNow, working on a range of measures against violation of the rights of minorities.


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