After two months of investigation
Case of Halawa’s death leads nowhere

August 29, 2018 at 1:40 pm

Halawa Nasradin, 65, with her oldest son, Jumaa Abdulkarim. Photo: KirkukNow exclusive

Halawa Nasradin, 65, with her oldest son, Jumaa Abdulkarim. Photo: KirkukNow exclusive

Soran Muhammad – Kirkuk
After two months of investigation by a committee formed by the Iraqi government, the murder case of Halawa Nasradin, 65, and wounding of three others have no results.
On 13 June, an Anti-terrorism unit was attacked in Shoraw, Kirkuk, with grenades. The group opened fire. The shootout resulted in killing Halawa Nasradin and wounding three others. Two Anti-terrorism officers were injured too.

Five days past the incident, the Iraqi government decided to send a team to investigate it.
However, the head of the Human Rights Committee at the Kirkuk Governorate Council (KGC) criticises the committee, saying their investigation has led nowhere, “They came to Kirkuk, met some parties, and returned to Baghdad.”

We cannot investigate the cases thoroughly

KGC is not active at the moment, she said, and cannot investigate the case thoroughly, “We would not leave such cases easily if KGC were active.”
The spokesman of Kirkuk police Col. Afrasyaw Kamil says the Iraqi Anti-terrorism is supervising the case, “We have no information. We only know that since the committee went back from Kirkuk, no result was presented.”

Muhammad Jumaa, a grandson of Halawa, says the committee did not meet them, “They only met one wounded person of the incident on 18 June.”
He suspects the committee, “We suspect that they might change the statement of the wounded person because no result has been presented.”

After the committee returned from Kirkuk, no result was presented

Five of her relatives have filed a complaint, accusing Anti-terrorism forces of Iraq of murdering Halawa Nasradin.
Jumaa says while their complaint is with the intelligence agency, “We believe there is an attempt to cover the case.”
Halawa Nasradin Saadoun was born in 1953. She was married since 1969, but later, after having seven sons and four daughters, her husband died.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) which is the largest political party in Kirkuk, has accused Anti-terrorism forces as well. They said random shootout had caused the death and the wounds.
However, the Anti-terrorism Agency rejected such claims.


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