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Helping Ezidis find their way back to life

Ammar Aziz- Kirkuk Now


Hundreds of Ezidi women and girls, who had been through psychological and physical trauma under ISIS terrorist group, are being helped to return to normal life.

In Qadia Camp, which is situated in the province of Duhok, a new center has been opened to provide psychological treatment for Ezidi women and girls who survived ISIS brutality.

Salim Sa’eed, director of media relations at the Duhok Humanitarian Affairs Board, speaking to (Kirkuk Now) said, “The aim behind opening the Hawar trauma recovery center is to further assist survivors of ISIS atrocities”.

The center, which is being funded by the German government, provides psychological treatment for Ezidi women and girls who were abducted by ISIS. The work of the center will continue for two years, and 840 persons will benefit from its services.

Previously, the majority of the survivors were being sent to Germany to receive psychological treatment.

“In addition to the psychological therapy, the center will open courses in which participants learn tailoring skills”, Sa’eed added.

An estimated 6,417 Ezidis, mostly women, were abducted by ISIS in 2014.

According to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) statistics, until now 3,326 Ezidis have been freed and the rest remain missing.

Duhok- An Ezidi girl reunited with her family 7-11-2017 Photo: Abductees Affairs Office


Hussein Qa’idi, head of the KRG’s office tasked with rescuing Yezidis says, “Unfortunately, there are few such centers in Duhok compared to the large number of Ezidi survivors, more centers should be opened in all the IDPs camps”.

The Ezidi community along with the Christians, Kakayees and Turkmen were subjected to violent attacks and mass slaughter by ISIS.

The town of Shingal, predominantly populated by Ezidis was overrun by ISIS on 3 August, 2014, but was recaptured in November 2015.