Kirkuk: 16 year-old son kills father asleep after verbal fight

Kirkuk, a mobile checkpoint of the security forces meant to impose the coronavirus lockdown, March, 2020. Photo: Soran Mohammed


A 16-year-old boy shoots his father and kills him asleep, after a verbal fight the night before.

The incident took place today Monday, June 29, at 4:00 a.m. in Darwaza neighborhood, while the father was asleep.

A source from the ant-crime police in Kirkuk told KirkukNow that, “our teams were informed in the time of the incident and arrived at the place of the incident. The father named, Farman Mala Hamadamin, was killed by his son, who is 16 years old.”

“The son used a pistol to kill his father. He has fled to an unknown place after the incident and he has not been arrested yet.”

Last night, the father and the son had a verbal fight and the father beat him. The police also said that they reconciled after ‘the verbal fight’ and the father convinced his son to sleep next to him.

The source added that there is not information about the disputes they had.

Darwaza neighborhood, where the father was killed, is located in east of Kirkuk.

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