Sako to Leave Erbil for Baghdad?
Sako to Leave Erbil for Baghdad?






Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive‌


Celebration of Jama Feast in Lalish Temple
Celebration of Jama Feast in Lalish Temple‌


Chamchamal: Student Severely Beaten by teacher for Fighting with Classmate Khanaqin sends bodies to Baquba morgue for autopsy Floods have damaged main bridge of Kifri
Repair costs half billion, takes seven months
Eight Months have Passed.... Ezidi Couple Await PM's Present Two other Complaints will be Filed against KRG at Supreme Federal Court, Kurdish Lawmaker


For Fourth Time, Diyala Provincial Council Fails to Form Local Government Imminent Agreement to Form Tuz Khurmatu District Administration while Kurds Miss Qualified Candidates Mount Shingal IDPs: No Aids, no Compensation! Closing education representations in Kurdistan Region “threatens” future of 155,000 pupils Boys work and girls get married: Teens of Kifri village forced to quit school


Kurdish Lady to Join Diyala Provincial Council "Rotation of positions among ethnicities"
Initiative by Turkmen party for local government of Kirkuk
In the shadow of deportation: Germany planned to return thousands of Yazidis to Iraq Provincial Council Elections: Kurds Retreat in Disputed Territories Despite voter records’ and fingerprint scanning problems,
Iraqi provincial council elections a step forward


Celebration of Jama Feast in Lalish Temple Ashura in Kirkuk and Khanaqin Massive dust storm in disputed territories Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive

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From engineering to accessory design: Nagham won the bet! Kurdish Activist at Climate Change Summit, Who is Hella Jalal? Muhannad: Veterinarian volunteered to save stray animals Laila Ahmed: I convey voice of marginalized Saleh Mahmoud: I encourage young people to harness technology in their projects

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Fungal disease hits 27,000 hectares of wheat crop within weeks in Kirkuk KRG not doing enough to crack down on vehicles emitting black smoke Litter Piling up in in Khanaqin as Cleaning Company Stops Working Greenhouse Waste: Disaster Threatens Environment, Food security in Garmian Garbage Threatens Garmian's Environment
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