10 of Kirkuk detainees still in prison, 55 released to go on trial
10 of Kirkuk detainees still in prison, 55 released to go on trial






Mu'taz sells water in a Kirkuk street on International Children's Day‌


Miss Iraq 2021 is back to her hometown
Miss Iraq 2021 is back to her hometown‌


13 voting machines malfunction in Kirkuk Polling stations open doors for Iraq's general elections Journalist goes missing in Baghdad 4 policemen dead, 30 injured by car accident in Kirkuk Iraq launches special voting ahead of general elections


Part of IDPs unsatisfied with special voting Shabak dream to pass quota seat KDP access to Shingal (Sinjar) denied by pro-PKK council Turkmen political parties in Erbil avoid election risk Scattered Arab candidates dissipate votes


No vaccination, no entrance to workplace Khanaqin: PUK is concerned & KDP is confident Kirkuk: Kurds dominant in a constituency, strive for second 25 Ezidi nominees compete in Ninewa for parliament seats 2 cases of suicide a week in Kirkuk


Kirkuki children work even on International Children’s Day Christmass Mass in Kirkuk Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple Who are the Baha'is? What do you know about Ezidis?

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Hayam quit school for breadwinning Mohammed Humam: Ziara rituals unites religions and sects The sole sister sells sweets Lizan Kakai: Beekeeping is a delicate process Amir offers free haircuts for the impoverished IDPs
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