Turkmen women break social shackles in conservative Tal Afar
Turkmen women break social shackles in conservative Tal Afar






Thousand of people still live in displacement; let's give the IDPs a voice‌


Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple
Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple‌


Tensions between Peshmerga and Iraqi army at jointly controlled checkpoint Gunmen release two abductees for a $40,000 ransom Shingal Resistance Units (YBŞ) leaves Shingal town Kurdish schools in Kirkuk remain closed as teachers go on strike Remains of 104 Ezidis to be handed over to families soon


No need for place of worship, Kaka’is can worship wherever, whenever Farmer, champion for women’s rights, Najiba leaves life inconspicuously Repatriated IDPs in Tal Afar: returning us increased our hardships Ezidis in Shingal reject appointment of both spiritual and community leaders Chap with dagger; protagonist in war and peace


Can Biden broker compromise between Baghdad and Erbil as he did in 2009? Three years after Mosul liberation, 90% of Shi’a shrines still lay in ruins Iraqi Armenians: dwindling community Seven thousand persons taken out of al-Hol: will the camp get closed down? Turkmens prefer their ruined home (Tal Afar) to IDP camps


Fryal and her sister took advantages of their free times during the lockdown to paint their Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations Kirkuk hosts international street theatre festival Thousand of people still live in displacement; let's give the IDPs a voice You have the right to vote, elect your representatives. No one has the right to vote

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Dhuha Shabaki bridles displacement and breaks shackles of tradition Displaced Ezidi crafts and sells 50 lutes during lockdown Zikra strives for expanding her business and creating job opportunities for women in Iraqi Christian town Taimur Gokkaya; success is the product of hard work Diyala: After losing her husband, Runak challenges societal norms and steps toward success

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Using wood, Abdulla assembles a car during lockdown period Hoshiar uses a cave for growing mushrooms Jerya, a role model for girls aspiring to be self-reliant Dilshad: the crafty teacher who takes pleasure in his work Istibraq sets up eight book stalls in Diyala to encourage reading for free
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