Harvest in May instead of June in fear of ISIS Fire
Harvest in May instead of June in fear of ISIS Fire






What do you know about Ezidis?‌


Christmass Mass in Kirkuk
Christmass Mass in Kirkuk‌


Khatary, homeland of Moustache Ezidis look for the rights of the missing legally National power on in Gir-Ouzer Senior Turkmen official: we are against misbehavior toward police Relocation of ISIS families from Syria to Iraq suspended


Despite denials, 100 families of IS fighters to be relocated from Syria to Iraq Locals return to Gir Ouzer ahead of national services I spent my life running for breadwinning 5,000 Donums of Khanaqin dried up in a 7-week operation Death penalty to four Ezidi students: Fair or revenge?


Drinking water in Shekhan IDP camp undrinkable Zoroastrians face discrimination in Duhok Charshama Sur (Red Wednesday): The Sacred Day for Ezidis Ezidis in Baghdad: No temple for rituals Representatives of minorities declare victory: Iraq for all


Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple Fryal and her sister took advantages of their free times during the lockdown to paint their Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations Have you heard about Mandaeans? Who are the the Zoroastrians, and how many times they pray a day?

My Story

Ali Mikhebir Rebuilds his marginalized village by hope Kameran defies war and destruction by books Mother Gully: The woman who stood in face of ISIS Mustafa prefers writing to banking Ekhlas Khudur: from ISIS slavery to Ambassador of Hope

From people

Meriwan’s scissor cuts hair of laborers to grow their hopes Muhsin employs six IDPs in his stores It was not easy to fulfil my dreams Nazik Barakat: an IDP provides aid and therapy for ISIS survivors Azad preserves culture, heritage and history of Shingal
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