Remains of 104 slain Ezidis to be returned to Shingal
Remains of 104 slain Ezidis to be returned to Shingal






Do you know when Christianity first arrived in Iraq? Find this short video‌


Christmass Mass in Kirkuk
Christmass Mass in Kirkuk‌


PMF demands residential land plots in Kirkuk for its members Eight people killed in explosion: Shingal Police Fearing confiscation, Kurdish farmers prevent government survey of their lands About 900,000 IDPs, refugees still live in the Kurdistan Region‎ KirkukNow correspondent wins award for best report related to human rights


Father kicks me out if I don’t earn $17 a day: displaced 8-year-old Chemicals, dust from Kirkuk Cement Factory cause enormous pollution Streets littered with rubbish in Sinuné, Shingal Dreadful living conditions for returned IDPs in Tal Afar’s al-Eyadhia No section of Shingal agreement implemented so far


2020 was abysmal for press freedom in Iraq Iraq’s Baha'is still deprived religious freedom Turkmen women complain of marginalization in politics Press freedom shrinks in Iraqi Kurdistan Region Unmendable Ezidi heart: Mother Shamé experiences ISIS horrors


Harvesting olives at Ezidis' Lalish temple Fryal and her sister took advantages of their free times during the lockdown to paint their Ninewa’s Telaskuf Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations Women play more significant roles in broad contrast to the negative media portrayal. They are Thousand of people still live in displacement; let's give the IDPs a voice

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As volunteer, I faced society’s criticism, Coronavirus dangers: Dalia al-Ma’mari I was a ‘super mom’: Alia’ al-Bayati Against all odds, social restraints, Karéz triumphs Ezidi altruist Marwan always there to help Dhuha Shabaki bridles displacement and breaks shackles of tradition

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Displacement did not stop Sayfi from designing traditional Ezidi attire Muna seeks to vanquish victimhood I live with colours and love knitting Why Russian-made car laid on rooftop in Duhok? Rahma Wa’d takes advantage of life in displacement
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