Garbage Threatens Garmian's Environment
Garbage Threatens Garmian's Environment






Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive‌


Celebration of Jama Feast in Lalish Temple
Celebration of Jama Feast in Lalish Temple‌


Nineveh leads applications for second marriages in Iraq Kirkuk Administration: Car Repair Services to Evacuate City Center Iraq's Water and Environment Activists Lost Talented Defender Iraqi army bans farmers from harvest in village of Kirkuk Discord over nomination of mayor for Bashiqa


Shingal (Sinjar) develops the “sweet” profession Human Rights Watch: Compensation for ISIS Victims Too little, Too Late Al-Hol returnees to be reintegrated into local communities With candles and olive branches, Chaldeans call for reconciliation Wadi explores Female Genital Mutilation FGM in middle and south of Iraq


Security commander to be appointed mayor for Shingal (Sinjar), PMF Kurds push for Mandali Mayor office No one entered Rahman Mosque, nothing burnt down 15-year-old Kirkuk girl looking for safe haven Shred Up Halabja: Glimpse of Hope Amid Plastic Bombardment


Celebration of Jama Feast in Lalish Temple Ashura in Kirkuk and Khanaqin Massive dust storm in disputed territories Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive Ezidis of Baadry, vaccinate to survive

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Dr. Nagham: balm for wounds of Yazidi women survivors Marwa Sajid: First female football referee in Kirkuk Gulala steps up to the top Mohammed and his dreams chase each other Amira Shingali: savior of Ezidis

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Karar's childhood dream came true Fragrance of flowers beat odor of dead bodies once occupied Mosul neighborhood Mosulawi professor operates weaving machine belonging to his grandfather Abu Omar weaves rosaries with old beads Abu Abdullah makes tools for farmers and builders
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