100 tribe men trained by PMF and stationed in Arab villages in Daquq

Kirkuk, gunmen of the clans and tribes in Hawija, participated in an operation along the Iraqi security forces against the Islamic State remnants, May 8, 2020.


A group of 100 armed men were stationed in the Arab villages of southern Daquq, after over a month of training.

The 100 armed finished their training yesterday, Sunday, June 28, at the base of 16th brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), who also received their first salaries, a source from the PMF told KirkukNow.

The source added that, “the 100 men belong to Mafraji tribe and Khalid Mafraji had the major role in forming the forces, which will be securing the Arab villages in south of Daquq.”

“It is unclear whether the forces will belong to brigade 16th of PMF or anohter brigade… yesterday they received their first salaries, for each of whom is a million and 300 thousand Iraqi dinars [1083 dollars]” the source added.

The newly formed forces were stationed in the villages of Tamur, Talbasal and Albu Shahab. Majority of the people of these villages are Arabs.

In the meantime, the security forces in Daquq removed two checkpoints in the outskirts of the district to intensify their observations inside the district. Such removals are a part of security changes to protect civilians and took place because the two checkpoints 'did not have major roles in security apparatus of the district.'

On Sunday, June 28, a security source told KirkukNow that, “there is another checkpoint on the same road, and no security vacuum would be created but rather it would intensify the security observations and the checkpoints located inside the town would control any incident,” the source added.

 The changes came after the concerns of the people of Daquq, especially the Kaka’i villagers, who have suffered from the insurgent attacks, that have posed threats to their lives.


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