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Displacement is not a barrier to his hobby, pigeons

  • 2020-01-26
Displacement is not a barrier to his hobby, pigeons
Duhok, Khrto Jamil's displacement is not a barrier to his hobby, pigeons, January 2020. Photo: Ammar Aziz
ammar Aziz- Duhok

I am from Sinjar. I have been displaced to Duhok for five years and I started having pigeons in the camp. It is my hobby and I had pigeons in my hometown, too.

My name is Khrto Jamil and I have pigeons. It is my childhood hobby. Now, I live in Sharya camp in Duhok and have more than a hundred pigeons. I have built a small house out of mud and wood for them.

I sell my pigeons and sometimes give them to people as gifts, from that I afford my living expenses. The price of a pigeon varies from 10 to 30 thousand IQD. I have some pigeons that I love them to the extent that I cannot sell them.

My pigeons bring me peace, when I am among them, psychologically, I get relaxed. That’s why I cannot give up on them.

In the IDPs camp, pigeons business is great, some own pigeons to make a living, othesr have them to fulfill their hobbies. I have taught my children to love the pigeons and help me with growing them.


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