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Jerya, a role model for girls aspiring to be self-reliant

  • 2020-10-15
Jerya, a role model for girls aspiring to be self-reliant
Jiria Ghazi, owner of a library at Sharia settlement in Duhok – photo: KirkukNow
Ammar Aziz

My name is Jerya Ghazi, I am 27 years old. I live in Sharia settlement in Dohuk province. I studied Kurdish literature and graduated four years ago, but I remained unemployed, so I thought of setting up a bookstore.

I rented a place, for which I pay 100,000 Dinars (about $85) per month.

My bookstore currently contains about 1000 titles, but I would like to increase the number as requested by some young people.

The bookstore provides a source of income for me, but It’s meant to encourage people to read. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, I used to sell 10 books per day, but currently I sell half of that. The thought of closing down my bookstore has never crossed my mind, as I believe that conditions will change.

Some people who were bringing doubts about the importance of the bookstore would say “people can’t afford buying their daily necessities, why would they buy books?” But those words could not weaken my resolve.

I intend to expand my project and with it my profits.

Girls must depend on themselves and find an occupation instead of spending their lives waiting.

In the beginning it will be hard for any girl, but they will gradually gain experience and things will get easier.


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