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Qasim Hisén, young Ezidi talent

  • 2020-12-20
Qasim Hisén, young Ezidi talent
poet Qasim Hisén
Ammar Aziz - Nineveh

My name is Qasim Hisén. I am an Ezidi poet. I won second place in the national competition ‘Qays Mawla’ in Baghdad for Arabic poetry.

I was born in 1994 in Shingal. I currently reside in Bashiqa, Nineveh. I’m a fourth-year Arabic literature student at the University of Mosul.

I started composing poetry in 2016. I keep trying to improve my writing skills through my studies, research and reading other poets.

I have written four poetry collections, the last of which I won the second place in the Young Innovators competition.

A number of young poets from Arabic countries took part in that competition, which was overseen by a number of prominent academics from the Arabic countries.

As a prize for gaining the second place, the organizers of the competition paid for the publishing of my poetry collection.


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