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Ahmad Ramzi from Mosul

  • 2020-12-23
Ahmad Ramzi from Mosul
Ahmad Ranzi, painter from Mosul - photo: KirkukNow
Sahar Ghazi


With his paintings, Ahmed Ramzi is trying to convey to the whole world the tragedy of the al-Hadba’ (the hunchback) Minaret of the al-Nuri Mosque.

“I have taken in many in many realism exhibitions inside and outside the country to materialise the suffering and what my city of al-Hadba’ [Mosul] was subjected to at the hands of ISIS militants," says 37-year-old painter Ahmed Ramzi who owns more than 5 paintings that portray the bitter reality his city went through.

“I live in a family atmosphere full of artists, and I currently own a studio full of bright colours and distinctive paintings on various subjects.” 

“When ISIS attacked us and we were displaced from our homes to Erbil province, I wasn’t able to continue practicing my talent as I didn’t have any painting equipment with me. But I then resorted to digital painting.”

"After returning, I decided to put the focus of my paintings on the issue of displacement and the tragedy that my city lived through, so I participated with those paintings in the ‘Lamasat’ exhibition (which was held in the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo) and many art exhibitions that were held inside the country.”

"Many of the people I met at the international exhibitions had no knowledge of what happened in Mosul at the hands of ISIS militants."

“As artists in Nineveh, we have not received any support, be it financial or moral, and the expenses of our travels inside and outside the country to participate in artistic activities are all paid by ourselves.”


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