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Muhsin employs six IDPs in his stores

  • 2021-04-29
Muhsin employs six IDPs in his stores
Duhok April 2021- Muhsin Rasho owns 2 stores for women textile where six IDPs work for him. Photo by Ammar Aziz.
Ammar Aziz, Duhok

As a start, I had a store for women textile and now I have two stored. I have employed six IDP young men and women from the camp for IDPs where I live for the last years.

My name is Muhsin Rasho Murad, 29, from the village of Borka of Sinuny sub-district of Shingal district, living in the camp of Kabartw of Duhok since 2014.

In 2015, I had one store for women clothes so I hired residents of the camp. Later I developed my business and opened another and job opportunity for 2 other girls from the camp.

Tow points are very important for me: fair price and little profit. Besides the stores should be clean as consent of our customers from the camp is priority for us.

I have studied up to class six. I am father of three kids and we make our living from the income of the stores. We sell for 100-150,000 Iraqi Dinar IQD a day (70-100 USD). During Eid and special events, our sales are better.

My stores are well known in the camps as people like it and I can employ six people.


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