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Amir brings back smile to IDP kids by portraying them for free

  • 2021-05-29
Amir brings back smile to IDP kids by portraying them for free
Duhok, May 2021- Amir Jundi, an IDP from Nineveh, turned his love for drawing into a profession. Photo by Ammar Aziz.
Ammar Aziz, Duhok

Once I am back from work, I spend my time in painting. I make some money but for the IDP kids, I do it for free.

My name is Amir Jundi Sabri, I am from Nineveh. I left my home town and was displaced to Duhok six years ago.

Because of special circumstances in my life, I could not study art. I quit when I was in the secondary school, class 9. Still, I could develop my painting skills when I was in Mosul.

Four years ago, I was employed per contract by Duhok municipality as a worker. Following my daily shifts, most of the days I go to Newroz Park where I portray people in black white. Each sketch takes 30-40 minutes.

There are many IDPs in Duhok so those interested in portraits come to me. I draw them in a perfect way yet for the kids its free.  I tell them there is no need to pay and it’s a gift since I am sure they don’t have enough money to pay.

I know how it is difficult and painful to be displaced. I am sure they passed hardships so it is important for me to make them happy.

Some people show me photos on phones to draw it. Sometimes I work at night as well so that I make some money.

Painting for me is a hobby before turning it into a profession and I never can quit.


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