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Basim Hanna keeps the time running

  • 2021-06-11
Basim Hanna keeps the time running
Nineveh, June 2021- Basim Elias Hanna repairs watches since 27 years. KirkukNow.
By Ammar Aziz in Nineveh

I have been repairing watches for the last 27 years and never left one watch to stop ticking.

My name is Basim Elias Hanna, 55, from the town of Qaraqush in Nineveh. I was injured during Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s and I am paralyzed since then.

I started watch repair when I was 28 which has become not only a source of my income but also a hobby.

I work 5-10 hours a day and can repair all types of watches. It's not a difficult job but it requires patience and experience.

For repairing a watch, I charge 2-5 thousand Iraqi Dinars.

I got married very late and have four kids and I am the only breadwinner for the family. I am entitled also to a small monthly salary of social care.

In 2014, we were displaced to Ainkawa in Erbil yet fortunately in 2017 we are back to our hometown and still repairing watches.


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