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Ghanim Hanna: Carpenter for 70 years

  • 2021-06-21
Ghanim Hanna: Carpenter for 70 years
Nineveh, June 2021- Ghanim Hanna, 80, is one of the old carpenters in al-Qush sub-district of Til Kef distrit in Nineveh plains. Ammar Aziz
By Ammar Aziz in Nineveh

I am working as a carpenter since I was 10-years-old only. Now I have such passion for it that even I don’t open my workshop for one day, I feel distressed.  

MY name is Ghanim Hanna and I am 80-years-old. People call me Ghanim al-Najar, the carpenter in Arabic. I am Christian from al-Qush of Nineveh plains.

I used to make Tambur, a musical instrument, bed for babies, handles for plough, tale of axe and pickaxe, pastry table and rolling pin and several other tools.

Due to family issues, I quit school when I was in class five.

There were about 13 carpenters in al-Qush and now I am the only one making hand made tools because I am in love with my profession and can’t quit.

Customers of classic tools have diminished thus I am not making enough money yet thank God my sons support me.

I have one daughter and three sons. One of them lives in the USA and two others have a carpentry factor in Duhok.

My customers are not the Christians only. Some of them are Muslims, others are Ezidis and all know and come to me. I am not capable to work like in the past but still people are satisfied with my products.


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