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Hawraz strives to give away 1 million plants

  • 2021-07-23
Hawraz strives to give away 1 million plants
Kirkuk, 2021- Hawraz najmadin, 30, has got a degree in law yet his goal is to implant 1 million trees to expand greenery in Kirkuk. KirkukNow
By Laila Ahmed

I have got a degree in law yet I like to be called environment activist as my interest is saving the environment and increasing greenery in my hometown.

My name is Hawraz Najmadin, 30. I have planted 500 trees since June beside other plants. Every day, I plant 15 seeds at least.

I was one of the participants in the 10,000 plants in the districts of Kirkuk in November 2019.

I have sent out a call via Facebook to start a project in October to implant 1,000,000 plants.

I give it to people to plant it in front of their houses, shops and their gardens. The response was very positive.

I have two simple requests: The place shold be ready and they should water it for a year at least.

I grow the seeds by myself at home. Later I take it to my grandmother's as there the space is better for me since my house is only 100 m2. I give it to people for free.

I adore Kirkuk and believe the environment is in danger so by planting flowers and trees we can boost greenery. I think this is a service to my city.

So far, no one has given me a hand despite the costs. I plan to go one as much as I can as my target is one million plants with the support of people of Kirkuk.    


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