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Huda makes her dream & living

  • 2021-07-26
Huda makes her dream & living
Huda Hadi Bargas, 21, has become a camerawoman, a dream came true. Sozan Video Group
By Ammar Aziz in Duhok

My name is Huda Hadi Bargas, 21. I am taking photos and filming since few years, a dream since childhood which has become a source of income as well.

We were displaced by Daesh seven years from Khanasur compound in Shingal district. Now we live in Bajid Kandal IDP camp in Duhok.

I was forced to leave school because of Daesh, I remember I was at class nine then. I am back taking back to school taking final exams as a visiting student not attending class.

In 2019, I contacted a group for photography and video filming called Sozan video, founded in 2006. It's specialized in photography, albums for brides and video programs.

I have learned all the techniques very well and now I am the senior cameraman and supervising all other cameramen.

I am the eledest in my family, seven sisters and brothers. My family does not depend on my income so I spend it for my clothes and daily needs. Sometimes, I help my brothers and sisters as well.


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