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Sadra: the teen painter

  • 2021-08-06
Sadra: the teen painter
Sadra Ousama next one of her paintings. Sha'alan al-Hayali
By Sha'alan al-Hayali in Ninawa

This is Sadra Ousama, born in 2006. I am skilful in painting since I was a small kid. I remember I draw my first paining when I was only nine-year-old.

I have not studied painting and no one taught me. I acquire new knowledge from daily practice alone. My family members are a big support for my talent.

Though I have proudly participated in several festivals and exhibitions, I do believe I am in the beginning of my life and I am full of ambitions to develop my skills in painting.

I do face obstacles as everybody in life but I leave behind negative messages since I believe in the proverb "after every cloud, sunshine will rise."

My dream is to become a dentist and I am sure that any one truly adapts with his dream he will get stronger to make his dream come true.


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