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Marble and ironstone statues for mother

  • 2022-02-15
Marble and ironstone statues for mother
Kamran Najmaddin, 54, carving a stone to make a statue. KirkukNow
By KirkukNow

My name is Kamaran Najmaddin, I am 54-years-old. They call me Kamran Najjar (the carpenter), while I am a carpenter, blacksmith and sculptor at the same time.

I love making statues and sculptures. I have not studied plastic art in an academic way yet rather I started sculpting since 1984 spontaneously.

 I received support from some sculptors, such as Falah Shiwani, Muhammad Salayi and Tariq Akrey which was of big use for me.

Ironstone and marble were often used to make statues, especially ironstone because it is more solid and suitable for work, so I bring such stones from mountainous areas.

I use the blade and hammer to carve the statue. Some of my artworks were installed on the streets of Kirkuk.

My work is centered on the status of the mother. The mother is everything to me. I receive support and encouragement from my wife and children. Sometimes my children help me in making sculptures.

Statue means life to me; statues are my soul as it reflects the joys and sorrows of people.

I do not and have not received support from the government and the concerned authorities at all, so it is difficult for me to be able to develop my art.


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