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Salem burns wood into piece of art

  • 2022-04-11
Salem burns wood into piece of art
Ninewa, April 2022: Salem Muhammad Amin is a plastic artist from Tal Afar. KirkukNow
By KirkukNow in Ninewa

I am Salem Muhammad Amin, a plastic artist and a tour guide, from Tal Afar District in Ninewa province.

Since my childhood, I had the talent of drawing, and after my displacement to Turkey in 2014, following the takeover of Tal Afar by Daesh (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ISIS), I developed my abilities and resorted to the art of burning on wood, for which I had training in an art training institute.

Today I have more than 350 works of art, all by burning on wood, drawing with nails and copper wire, and engraving on glass

In my work, I focus on archaeological monuments such as the Citadel of Tal Afar, Al-Hadba Minaret, Al-Malwiya Minaret, the city of Babylon and Al-Hatra.

To date, I have obtained about 400 certificates from different parties, through my participation in exhibitions inside and outside Iraq, and I am a member of many artistic federations and associations.

I urge young people of both sexes to take an interest in the plastic arts to nurture and develop their talents.


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